How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Regulatory professionals?

Last week I had the pleasure of chairing a Regulatory Managers panel discussion where we discussed this topic.

How many of these key messages resonate with you?

  1. The U in VUCA– be comfortable with a level of Uncertainty as Uncertainty is unavoidable – in fact, one can even say it is . . .  certain.
  2. The importance of self-awareness as leaders – knowing your go-to habits or behaviours and also knowing how to adapt to lead effectively at this time.
  3. It IS possible to connect well with team members and colleagues who are now working remotely  – it may mean you need to encourage conversations which go beyond the simple task-based check-in.
  4. Focus on what is within your control, and keep doing it well – being agile and collaborative, for example, is an attitude we all can choose to hold.
  5. Professional development – may be propelled for some, for others it may have stagnated . . . for now.
  6. Well-being – create an environment which encourages individuals to speak up when they need help.
  7. Be-ing well – these days, separation of work from non-work is more of a challenge for many.
  8. Video conferencing comedies – pets, children, neighbouring construction work… can be both fun and funny.
  9. Camera conundrums – camera on? camera off? Be flexible.
  10. Practicalities– embrace enabling technology and ensure you have an office-from-home set-up which facilitates working at your best.

A special thanks to panellists Helen Critchley, Liz Joshi, Geraldine Storton and Jo Turner for sharing their insights and tips with the conference attendees.

And congratulations to ARCS for bringing together a great virtual conference.


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